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  • Standard Size Picture Frames
    Standard Size Picture Frames

    Best option for finding great priced frames with bulk discounts. Sold in packs of 6

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    Custom Sized Frames

    Build your own custom frame. Any size and quantity available

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    We welcome you to our print and frame shop - Upload your favourite picture. Pick the size of your choice. Decide on the frame and mount. You have reached the end. Now let us do the rest.

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    Standard Picture Mounts

    I dont need frames I just need photo mounts.


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655 White & Gold

A Wide white frame with gold trim.
SKU: SF-655 White & Gold

655 White & Gold

Enter Size of Your Artwork
Frame Price
  • Frame Size : 20 X 16 Inch
  • Image Size : 20 X 16 Inch
  • Frame Price : 36.40
  • Assembly Cost : 4.80
  • Labour Cost : 5.00
  • Glass Price : 4.16
  • Total Price : 52.6
  • Wholesale Price : 0
Backing Card



A Wide white frame with gold trim.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Frame Colour Gold, White/ Limed