How to Make Money From Your Landscape Photos

The landscape photography business is tough. The key to succeeding is outstanding image quality. Taking pictures people are willing to pay for. Over the last 25 years we have supplied hundreds of Irish Landscape photographers. Below is a guide to get you started on making an income from your images based on our extensive experience.

1. Create a website with an online gallery. This can only be done once a portfolio of quality works has first been assembled. Adding options to sell using PayPal is now easier then ever. This will increase your exposure and your cash flow. If you have built your own website, two very important things to remember. Add descriptive “alt” tags to all your images to ensure they rank on google image search which can bring valuable traffic to your site. The second thing to remember that keywords are king. If you do not optimize your site for search engines then people won’t be able to find you.

For those landscape photographers who do not have the skills to build their own website.  Photoshelter is designed specifically for professional photographers who want to create a quality website with e commerce facilities. It guides you through ranking in search engines and allows you to sell your photographs online by handling the shopping cart.


Recently, we have also seen a large growth in the number of our customers using  Etsy where handcrafted products can be sold online. 

2. Sell your photos in local businesses. This is a growing trend in the Irish market. Approach hotels, cafes, and gift shops with your work and if they don’t want to buy the piece outright, they might be interested in selling it for a commission. Some local galleries also accept unsolicited work. All these establishments will want to promote the locality so the key thing to remember is to take your shots with the buyer in mind. So a café in Dingle may not be too interested in selling a picture of the Ha’Penny bridge in Dublin. For displaying your images or artwork it is recommended that you use a good quality picture mount. This will enhance and protect the image and also offers you an opportunity to sign the image, thus increasing its value and promoting your brand.

3. We print, frame and mount hundreds of pictures of the Cliffs of Moher every year. Why? Because they sell. Iconic Irish landscapes sell all over the world so take advantage of some of these scenes. Remember that every single person who visits is taking pictures of these popular scenes so your image has to stand out.

Cliffs OF Moher Picture

4. Promote yourself. This can be one of the most challenging steps. Plan a promotional campaign like you would a days shoot, and most importantly be creative.  Submit your photos to local newspapers ask if they would like to do a piece on the opening of your new website.  Create a Facebook account for your photography. Get your friends and family to share it. Cover a local sports event and post the pictures for sale on your Facebook page.  This will drive traffic to your brand. More traffic = more sales.

5. Submit your photos to micro stock companies such as  ShutterStock or Getty images. There is a vetting process and photographers need to apply by sending in some of their work. The royalties earned are often relatively small and it is an extremely competitive market. However we have seen some of our customers generate additional income this way.