Discounts & Accounts Information

At Strand Framing we have a number of discount structures depending on the type of product you are purchasing.  The first discounts structure would be on our standard framed products.

Standard Framed Products

The first discount structure is based on our standard wood frame range which includes 2020,2032,2044 and 2055. Discounts here are based on the quantity of frames purchased.  Buying over 3 packs of 6 frames entitles you to a 20% discount on each frame. Purchasing 8+ packs of 6 and you receive a 25% discount.

Custom Framed And Mounted Products

Discounts available when buying custom picture frames and custom picture mounts in bulk. These apply for each product with the exact same specification. The discounts go up to quantities of 50's. If you would like to order over 100 of the one product. Please email us at for more details. 

Discounts available

Trade Access

We also act as wholesalers and supply shops, camera clubs, companies, universities, photographers and artists. To apply for trade access, please contact info@strandframing. Trade access would apply a fixed discount on custom products and also a set price including discount for frames in our standard picture frame range. Artists and photogrphers purchasing in bulk also qualify for trade access.


Credit Accounts

This type of account is only available to VAT registered companies and is only offered to companies purchasing more then €600 worth of products per month. Upon acceptance the maximum credit we offer on start up is €1000 with a 30 days strict payment term. Maximum credit amount can be looked at further once regular order cycle and payment history occurs.

Credit Account holders are strictly 30 days net from date of invoice and we reserve the right to charge interest at 2.5% per calendar month on any accounts remaining unpaid beyond the 30 days credit period.