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Autumn Gift & Home Fair 2019 | City West Events Center

We will be exhibiting at the Autumn Gift and Home Fair at City West Event Center through August 18 -21st. We are inviting all current customers and any potential customers to call into us for a chat!

Website Mountboard Notice - 20/05/2019

Due to the onset of brexit and the uncertainty that comes with it, the mountboard that we have been receiving from our UK suppliers had increased in price by up to 40% percent in the last 18 months and further hikes are expected, because of this and in order to retain our pricing, we have been forced to source our board elsewhere. The board we are now using was the nearest alternative that we can currently find. Unfortunately this means that the board is a different shade of white to the previous one, we are still looking to find something closer and there may possibly be another board coming later this year which would result in another shade change but this is to be confirmed.

WIth change in supplier we have been able to keep hold our mount prices which is good news to our customers.

Please email us if you require a sample pack of our current mountboard colours info@strandframing.com