What Framing Services do you require?

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FAQ' s

Do prices include VAT and CarriageDo prices include VAT and Carriage?

Prices do not include VAT and Carriage.

How long will it take to receive my orderHow long will it take to receive my order?

Please see our Delivery's page for manufacturing time guidelines. Delivery is 4-12 working days from date of order, but can often be quicker.Once your goods are dispatched, you will receive a track and trace number by email from our courier partners fastway which you can track your shipment with.

From September to December due to the busy period your order can take up to 12 working days to be delivered.

Can I order samples from Strand FramingCan I order samples from Strand Framing?

Yes you can. Full frame samples are charged at list price. You order a frame sample using the Sample Picture  Frame Tool

We can also offer wood samples of individual profiles. We do have to make a charge to cover the time to cut them, the material and for the postage.

We charge € 2.00 for each 100mm sample of moulding & €0.50 for each 30mm x 30mm mount sample. This includes Shipping & VAT within Ireland.

If you require chevrons (corner pieces) for a gallery or display board, we charge approximately for a half metre of the material.Any complete frame samples are charged at list price.

Can we get cheaper prices than those shown on- lineCan we get cheaper prices than those shown on- line?

If you are buying large quantities, or using another supplier, E-mail with the details,

What is your Accounts PolicyWhat is your Accounts Policy?

We have a number of accounts available.

1. A basic account is where you checkout as guest or simple register an account. You will be charged at full price for all picture frame products. Bulk Discounts Apply on all standard picture frames, Custom Picture Frames, Standard Picture Mounts and Custom Picture Mounts

2. A Regular account can be applied for-  this account is open for application for Artists, photographers, large volume customers and shops. To open this type of account, please email [email protected] email requesting a Trade customer account - once account activated, this generates a fixed discount off all the picture frames in our standard picture frame range.

 If this type of account is activated and not used within a three month period, it will expire and a re-application will be necessary.

Can I get traditional or standard glass in my picture frameCan I get traditional or standard glass in my picture frame?

We frequently get asked can we send traditional glass instead of the acrylic glass which we always recommend for custom picture frame orders.

The simple answer is Yes we can provide you with traditional glass instead of acrylic. This can be chosen at our options section. However, If glass is used and does break in transit it's highly likely that the glass will damage the frame and anything else within the same box. 

Why is my glazing/glass discoloured or scratchedWhy is my glazing/glass discoloured or scratched?

The glazing we use in all of our picture frames with acylic selected as the glass option is 2mm Standard Float glass or 2mm crystal clear original plexiglass. The plexiglass comes with a heavy protective plastic cover on BOTH sides of the glazing, Sometimes white, sometimes clear but mostly blue.This has to be removed from both sides of the glazing before using your frame. Occasionally we will get a telephone call or an e-mail saying the glazing is blue, white, or scratched. This is usually the reason !

Can we send out a hard copy of our productsCan we send out a hard copy of our products?

We do not currently have a paper catalogue of all the products we supply. Our on- line store is our catalogue as it contains all the products we supply.

I have received an order but something is missingI have received an order but something is missing?

Please check your invoice to ensure not all products on the invoice are present. Email immediately if there has been something omitted. Our apologies for this and we will endeavor to sort out the issue as soon as possible.

I have placed an order and need to change itI have placed an order and need to cancel it?

Please email us immediately with your request. If the order has not been manufactured we will remove it from the production schedule and offer you a full refund.

If the order has been manufactured. There will be no refund.

I have placed an order and need to change itI have placed an order and need to change it or add additonal items?

We cannot accept additions to orders. We advise customers to go online and place the additions as a separate order

Additions to orders cause major disruption to production here in the factory so it is best to ensure you have all the items you require in your cart.

Multiframe – how precise is the layoutMultiframe – how precise is the layout?

All apertures/openings cut into the mount board are centred and aligned in relation to each other and the external size of the mount board. The majority of multi-aperture mounts present no alignment issues. However, in some cases we may not be able to follow the preview image exactly as shown on-line. In these cases we reserve the right to increase or reduce the overall size of the frame and/or mount to make the openings required fit and look in proportion. We will never alter the image or opening sizes as these are the most important aspect of the product.

The image of a frame and multi mount combination displayed on line is for representation only and may not be to scale. If a certain layout is critical, a diagram needs to be supplied to us with every possible detail. Contact us and we will advise.