What Framing Services do you require?
  • Standard Size Picture Frames
    Standard Size Picture Frames

    Best option for finding great priced frames with bulk discounts. Sold in packs of 6

  • Custom Sized Frames
    Custom Sized Frames

    Build your own custom frame. Any size and quantity available

  • Upload Print and Frame
    Upload, Print and Frame

    We welcome you to our print and frame shop - Upload your favourite picture. Pick the size of your choice. Decide on the frame and mount. You have reached the end. Now let us do the rest.

  • Standard Picture Mounts
    Standard Picture Mounts

    I dont need frames I just need photo mounts.


Pre-Christmas Guaranteed Frame Delivery is Now Finished - Mount/ Print Orders Pre Christmas delivery is open until Monday 17th. Factory will close on the 21st December and reopen first week of January.

Printing Image File Requirements

File Format

At Strand, our online platform can accept JPG and TIF formats.

We would recommend images should be 300 DPI ( Dots Per Inch) Quality and have an embedded sRGB color space. If you do not understand those terms leave it to our professional colour team who will ensure your prints are of the highest quality. Our online software will let you know if your image is of a good enough quality to print and the size you require

File Size

We have a minimum number of pixels required to print your image at the size required. We also have a maximum file size of 1GB

Colour Space

Your files may be uploaded in RGB or CMYK. CMYK files will be converted into RGB files when sent to print.

Colour Management for professionals : ICC profiles

To get the most accurate colour reproduction of your image possible you can download our associated ICC profile and soft proof

Table of ICC profiles

Strand Framing Printing Technique & MaterialColour Profile

 Textured Fine Art Paper

Epson 9900 Pigmented Ink System

 Textured Fine Art Profile Download


 Enhanced Matte Paper

Epson 9900 Pigmented Ink System

Textured Fine Art Profile Download

Fuji Photo Pearl Paper

Epson 9900 Pigmented Ink System

Textured Fine Art Profile Download

We often have customers who mention that the previews they see on their monitor and the prints they receive from strand do not match exactly. This due to monitor being too dark or too bright, not having the correct calibration or profile

To ensure you get accurate colour reproduction you will have to calibrate your monitor correctly. This is best done using a spectral photometer which will allow you to set up the brightness and colour temperature correctly on your monitor.

If you monitor is set up correctly then you should be able to preview the end print result on your monitor before ordering. This process is called soft proofing.

A soft proof allows you to preview expected print results and also allows you to make any colour changes to the print before it is printed. Soft proofing in Adobe Photoshop is done using the following steps

1. Download ICC profile from above table

2. Install in your operating system

Table with locations on different operating systems

3. Start Adobe Photoshop

4. Open Image File

5. Menu > View> Proof Setup > Custom

6. Select the profile you have downloaded depending on medium you intend to order prints on

7. Render with "Relative Colorimetric" with "Black Point Compensation"

8. You can choose to " Simulate Paper Colour"

9. Confirm with OK and assess the colour of your desired print on screen. You can now make colour alterations.