Floating Frame

Floating Frames supplier in IrelandFloating Frames supplier

We supply a vast range of Floating Frames  to professional artists and photographers. These are also Box Frames or Shadow Display Frames. Floating frames add depth to an image or print. They can also be used to display objects that are up to 70mm in depth. If the canvas

Canvas Boards can be stuck to the backing board using various adhesives or screwed in to fix.

Our 2044 Floating Frame range below includes a foamboard 30mm spacer. This creates a recess between the glass and the backing board of the frame and gives perspective to the piece. These frames are also known as Box Frames,Canvas Box Frames and deep shadow box display frames. They can be used to frame 3D objects such as ceramics, jewellery, and canvas up to a depth of 28mm.   

Wood 2044 - Price List      (Note- Our frames are sold in packs of 6)