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PH3943 SpringLock - Hang Plate Method bulk packed x 25

Bulk Packed x 25 Sets of Security Fittings
SpringLOCK - Anti-Theft for Wood Frames, Locks onto almost any standard screw in the wall.
SKU: PH3943 x 25

Availability: In stock




This kit contains:

Contains 25 Sets

50 Locks

50 Bridges

1 Release tool with integrated marker button

100 screws



Quick and easy to install, fits frame mouldings 10mm wide and up.

Pictures can be fitted faster than by using any other security fixing offered on the market today, saving £££'s in labour costs.

  • Any type of conventional screw can be used.
  • SpringLOCK's design allows for a slight tolerance of inaccuracy when drilling and plugging a wall.
  • SpringLOCK is very easy to level accurately.
  • Use of a simple 'push in' locking mechanism.


SpringLOCK allows the choice of any type of wall plug or plasterboard fixing and can even be used with self tapping screws into sheet steel walls. SpringLOCK is ideal for ships & boats.

SpringLOCK can be fitted to all types of walls, old or new, solid or hollow without any fuss.

SpringLOCK fits items closer to the wall, is neater and hides its release mechanism from view.


SpringLOCK fixings used on artworks or mirrors, once installed on a wall can only be released using the special SpringLOCK Release Tool, providing a reliable anti-theft system.

To assist in the simple assembly of a picture when using more than two SpringLOCKs on a frame, the SpringLOCK Release and Marker Tool helps mark your screw positions accurately.


Installing SpringLOCK Security Picture Fixings from Roger Hough on Vimeo.