2838 Wood Box Frame

Strand Framing can now offer our 2838 Wood Box Frame range available for sale online. This is a wider style box frame which we have introduced due to the high demand for a chunkier style box frame. This Picture frame is manufactured to the highest specifications in our factory in West Cork and each frame is hand finished to ensure a flawless product.

Our 2838 Wood Box Frame Range is available in Limed and Black. There is a also two spacer options available. The first is using our innovative 26mm Foamboard spacer. This creates a recess between the glass and the backing board of the frame and gives perspective to the piece. The second spacer option is a 20mm Wood Spacer which complements the frame perfectly.

These frames are also known as Box Frames and Canvas Box Frames. They can be used to frame 3D objects such as ceramics, jewellery, and canvas up to a depth of 26mm.   

Our 2838 Wood Box Picture frames come as standard with glass, textured Cotton White Backing, MDF back,  and two hangers. This allows the photo frame to be hung on the wall in either portrait or landscape orientations. Please see the product description for more information.

2838 Wide Wood Box Frame

2838 Wide Box Frame Cross Section

Wide Wood Box Frame 2838 - Price List      (Note- Our frames are sold in packs of 6)

20% Off Below Prices if ordering 3+ Packs | 25% off if ordering 8+ Packs

Rectangle Frames

Frame Size  Frame Price  
24" x 20" (610 x 508mm) €31.70 2020 Wood Frame
20" x 16" (508 x 406mm) €24.99 2020 Wood Frame
A3 (420 x 297mm) €19.14 2020 Wood Frame
16" x 12" (406 x 305mm) €19.01 2020 Wood Frame
14" x 11" (356 x 279mm) €16.99 2020 Wood Frame
12" x 10" (305 x 254mm) €15.06 2020 Wood Frame
A4 (297 x 211mm) €13.76 2020 Wood Frame
10" x 8" (254 x 203mm) €12.58 2020 Wood Frame
8" x 6" (203 x 152mm) €10.28 2020 Wood Frame

Square Frames

Frame Size  Frame Price  
500 x 500mm €27.65 2020 Wood Frame
254 x 254mm €13.66 2020 Wood Frame
229 x 229mm €12.46 2020 Wood Frame
200 x 200mm €11.13 2020 Wood Frame