Box Frames

At Strand, we produce fantastic quality solid wood box frames. These frames come in a range of different depth from 10mm space up to 70mm space. Our standard range of box frames include our 2032,2044 and 2838. However you can design any size or depth box frame you require in our custom picture frame tool.

Box Frame Range - 2044

Box Frame Range - 2044
  • Beautiful fully finished wood box frame
  • Frame 3D objects up to 30mm in depth!
  • Supplied complete with white core backing board

From 6.29

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Wide Box Frame Range - 2838

Wide Box Frame
  • Chunkier Style Box Frame 28mm profile width
  • Spacer and white core textured backing board
  • Frame sea glass, figurines and 3D art.

From 2.99

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Box Frame Range - 2032

Box Frame Range - 2032
  • Just Add Spacer Option for box frame!
  • Frame 3D objects up to 18mm in depth!
  • Add mount or backing board


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Custom Box Frames

Custom Box Frame
  • We make custom solid wood box frames
  • From 10 to 70mm Space
  • Frame sea glass, figurines and 3D art.


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We supply a vast range of Box Frames or Shadow Display Frames to professional artists and photographers. Box frames add depth to an image or print. They can also be used to display 3D objects that are up to 70mm in depth.

shadow box picture frameStrand Framing can now offer our 2044 Wood Profile range available for sale online as a part of our standard range. This Picture frame is manufactured to the highest specifications in our factory in West Cork. One of our bestselling mouldings, each frame is hand finished by a picture frame expert. This wood profile is used by photographers and artists alike. We manufacture and supply All Over Ireland - Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford, Drogheda, Swords, Dundalk ... and UK.

Shadow Box Frames

Our 2044 range includes a foamboard 30mm spacer. This creates a recess between the glass and the backing board of the frame and gives perspective to the piece. These frames are also known as Box Frames and Canvas Box Frames. They can be used to frame 3D objects such as ceramics, jewellery, and canvas up to a depth of 28mm.

Our 2044 Wood Picture frames come as standard with glass, back, white core cotten white backing board and two hangers. This allows the photo frame to be hung on the wall in either portrait or landscape orientations. If a stand is required for free standing on a table or shelf (of frames up to 12" x 10"), please select as a product option. We also offer bulk discounts on larger orders. Please see the product description for more information.

BLACK 2044 FRAMES - Please note our 2044 Black Box Picture Frame comes as standard with white foamboard spacer and cotten white mountboard. If you would like to change the mountboard colour to polar white please leave a note at checkout.

Please note the canvas shown in the picture frame image on the right is for illustration purposes only and is not included with this frame range.

  picture frame

Wood 2044 - Price List      (Note- Our frames are sold in packs of 6)

Rectangle Frames

Frame Size  Frame Price  
24" x 20" (610 x 508mm) €28.03 Buy Box Frames Ireland
20" x 16" (508 x 406mm) €21.90 shadow box frames
A3 (420 x 297mm) €16.19 3d box frames Ireland
16" x 12" (406 x 305mm) €16.08 shadow frames
14" x 11" (356 x 279mm) €14.25 deep shadow box
12" x 10" (305 x 254mm) €12.87 shadow box display frames
A4 (297 x 211mm) €11.64 2044-wood-frame-a4-297x211
10" x 8" (254 x 203mm) €10.59 Buy Box Frames Ireland
8" x 6" (203 x 152mm) €8.48 Buy Box Frames Ireland


Square Frames

Frame Size  Frame Price  
500 x 500mm €24.32 Buy Box Frames Ireland
254 x 254mm €11.93 Buy Box Frames Ireland
229 x 229mm €10.46 Buy Box Frames Ireland
200 x 200mm €9.24 Buy Box Frames Ireland