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2055 Canvas Floater Tray Frame

2055 Canvas Floater Tray Picture Frame

Limed / Off - White Colour Wood Frame

Slim Canvas Float Profile - suitable for displaying medium to large stretchers or  up to 48mm canvas stretchers

Note:  Each Canvas Floater Tray Frame Ranges are designed to fit a standard canvas panel size and will leave a 20mm Gap all around. This will display the Cotton White Backing Board and give a nice 20mm shadow effect. Our Canvas Float frames are designed to be sold in packs of 3 for best value. For this  reason  quantity discounts start when pack of 3 is purchased. 3+ Packs gives 20% discount and 9+ packs gives 25% discount. .

2055 Canvas Float Picture Frame Profile | Strand Framing

24 Item(s)

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24 Item(s)

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