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  • Standard Size Picture Frames
    Standard Size Picture Frames

    Best option for finding great priced frames with bulk discounts. Sold in packs of 6

  • Custom Sized Frames
    Custom Sized Frames

    Build your own custom frame. Any size and quantity available

  • Upload Print and Frame
    Upload, Print and Frame

    We welcome you to our print & frame shop - Upload your favourite picture. Pick the size of your choice. Decide on the frame and mount. You have reached the end. Now let us do the rest.

  • Standard Picture Mounts
    Standard Picture Mounts

    I dont need frames I just need photo mounts.


Pre Christmas Order Cut Off Date - Thursday 07 December @ 2P.M. Orders after this date will be shipped in the New Year.

Ikea Picture Frame Range Sizes

Ikea are renowned worldwide for their great range of picture frames which are made of papered MDF. Finding the sizes avaialble in the ikea photo frame ranges though can be quite difficult online. For that reason we have put together a quick measurements table showing you the frame sizes available in the fantastic RIBBA range. Please consult the table below for measurement information of Ikea picture and photo frame sizes.

At Strand Framing we manufacture solid wood frames available in the same or similar sizes which are listed below also. Solid wood frames are more durable then paperred MDF and have a much nicer textured finish. It is also important to note that soid wood picture frames are much more resistant to changes in temperature which result in some MDF frames contracting/ expanding and eventually falling apart. Please contact us for contract volume picture framing services.


Ikea Picture Frame Size (mm)  Mount Opening (mm) Ikea Price (inc.VAT)  Strand Framing Price x 50 Units (Inc.VAT  Strand Framing Price x 500 Units   View Strand Equivalent Product
 150 x 100  120 x 80      Contact us for volume pricing
 180 x 130  140 x 90  €2.75    [email protected]  
 230 x 230  120 x 120  €4.95  €5.20 ex vat  Contact us for volume pricing  wholesale picture frames
 240 x 180  170 x 120  €3.50    Contact us for volume pricing  
400 x 300  290 x 200  €7     Contact us for volume pricing  
 500 x 400  390 x 290  €8     Contact us for volume pricing  
 500 x 500  290 x 290  €10  €15.ex vat  Contact us for volume pricing  wholesale picture frames
 700 x 500  490 x 390  €16    Contact us for volume pricing  
910 x 610 Mount Opening (mm)  €18    Contact us for volume pricing  

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