Backing Boards

Our extensive range of backing boards are available in all your standard imperial, metric and A sizes. We supply a large range of backing boards for finishing framed or mounted products. We have both acid free options like white core backing board or budget backing boards like our cream core backing board section. For adhesive options we can supply Easifix Board or Self Adhesive 5mm Foamboard. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding mounting your prints using our backing board and we would be happy to help

White Core Backing Board

White Backing Board
  • Each board is lignin-free, alkaline-sized, pH neutral and is calcium carbonate buffered to enhance its useful lifespan by minimising the effect of atmospheric pollutants.
  • Being conservation quality, boards are lignin-free with no optical brighteners.
  • Meets FATG specifications for standard mountboard

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White Lined Greyboard

White Lined Greyboard Backing Boards
  • White Lined Greyboard is a 1.4mm think board suitable as plain backing board for print
  • most economical backing we produce
  • This board would not considered acid free

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Brown Kraft Backing Boards

Brown Kraft Backing Boards | Strand Framing

KRAFT Backing Board is a 2.2mm thick board suitable as a plain backing board for prints.This board is a rigid non acid free board.

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Foamboard Backing

Picture Mount Foamboard | Strand Framing

Our foamboard ranges are used for backing and mounting of art or photographic prints. Available in 3,5 &10mm thick.

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Self Adhesive Backing

1.4mm acid free board suitable for mounting giclee prints and most artwork.It prevents creep and surface bubbling

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Conservation Barrier Board Backing


1800 Micron Barrier Board is a 1.8mm thick, acid free board suitable as a barrier and backing board used primarily when supplying mounted only prints.

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