Folder Sleeve Mounts

Strand Framing offer a wide variety of picture mount types to our contract customers. These products are often designed and specified for individual customers Some of the more popular products are shown below and include embossed line folder mounts, sleeve mounts and coloured folder mounts.


Folder Mounts with Embossed LineSleeve MountsFolder Mounts

 Folder Mounts

Our elegant classic folder mounts are offered in four mount colours. Blue, Maroon, Sepia and black in a hardsemigloss folder which can be black or brown. Mounts can also be decorated with a gold, silver or embossed line. This simple solution gives you excellent presentation for you pictures, imags and diplomas.

 Slip In Mounts

Bevel cut, photo slip-in mounts. this range has been designed to allow the mount to be placed in a ready made photo frame. These mounts are ideal for Event Photography and as presentation mounts.

Slip In Photo Mounts comprise a standard cream core mount which is stuck on to a cream core backing board.  

These Mounts are not free standing.