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Reno Mounts

Reno and Aria Fillet Mounts

The Aria and Reno Wood Fillet Frame and Mount range are some of our most innovative ranges. Featuring deep wooden mouldings which incorperate a stunning three dimensional Wood Fillet Mount for a complementary and luxurious style.

Aria Wood Fillet Frame and Mount

The Aria Wood Fillet Frame consists of a 20mm(W) by 25mm(H) outer wooden frame with a 1.5mm Polar White (White Core), acid free beveled mount with a wooden fillet on the inner edge of the mount. All our fillet mounts have a full foamcore or foamboard support behind the mountboard ensuring that the mount stays flat agains the picture and glass permanently.

Aria Mount and Frame

Cross Section of Aria Wood Fillet Mount

Cross section of Aria Wood Filet Mount

Reno Wood Fillet Frame and Mount


reno fillet mount and frame

RECOMMENDED FRAMES for use with Aria or Reno Wood Fillet Mounts

2032BLACK, 2032LIMED, 869BLACK, 869LIMED

Multiphoto Reno Limed - Strand Framing

3 aperture Limed Reno Fillet, cotton white mount, 869LM frame


Multiphoto Reno Black - Strand Framing

3 aperture Black Reno Fillet, cotton white mount, 869LM frame







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