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Print and Frame Your most cherished digital images. We will mount your images on 5mm foamcore for a strong finish that will stand the test of time on your personalized picture frame.

Plastic Glazing Alternatives Warning

Plastic Glazing Alternatives Warning

At Strand, if you are purchasing custom picture frames over frame size 24" x 20" then we have automatically choosen a plastic glazing for your frame instead of 2mm float glass. This is because shipping custom frames over this size tend to get broken in transit. Our high quality plastic glazing alternatives are also much easier to ship due to their lightness.

We will not process larger custom frame orders over this size with 2mm float glass selected as they simply will not make it to you undamaged.

Polystyrene Glazing

  • Available in 1mm and 1.5mm.
  • 1mm is suitable for sizes up to 12 x 10 inches
  • 1.5mm is suitable for sizes over 12 x 10 inches but maximum up to max frame size 28 x 20 inches.
  • Lightweight and Shatterproof
  • Outdoor Longevity Rated to be 3-5 years. Indoor longevity will depend on frame location.




2mm Acrylic Glazing

  • Selecterd as default for frame sizes over 28 x 20 inches.
  • 2mm High Quality Premium Acrylic Glazing
  • Lightweight and Shatterproof
  • Outdoor Longevity Rated to be 25 years. Indoor longevity will depend on frame location.




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Glass GlassHeavier and slightly thicker than acrylic glazing Acrylic GlazingLightweight and Shatterproof
Glass Protects print from dust and fingerprints.
PS Plastic Glazing Polystyrene Plastic Glazing is used as an alternative to glass. It is shatterproof and thus idea for use in the picture frame industry.
Acrylic Glazing High Quality 2mm and 3mm Acrylic Glazing is ideal for safely shipping large picture frames as it is shatterproof.
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