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    ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass
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Hahnemühle Fine Art Print

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Hahnemühle Fine Art Print,

 Key Facts at a glance
  • Hahnemühle Fine Art Prints
  • Availalbe in 5 fine art paper types
  • Archival Quality using inkjet print technology
  • Traditional White Borders Available
  • Choose Any custom size required
  • Diverse Framing Options

Hahnemühle Fine Art Print

At Strand, our UltraHD Hahnemuhle Fine Art Prints are available in five different paper types. Hahnemuhle have established themselves as the gold standard for professional photographers and artists looking to get accurate reproductions on authentic papers. These top of the line products will give you work work a stunning finish thanks to the excellent image quality and sharpness.



hahnemühle fine art print

The Materials: Hahnemühle’s Fine Art Papers

Hahnemühle have been setting the standard for authenthic art papers since the 16th century. We have a selected 5 of their paper styles which we are offering at extremely competitive prices. 

  1. Hahnemühle William Turner. Matte, watercolour texture. 310 g/m²: Especially well-suited for authentic portraits and extraordinary photo concepts. Natural white with a matte surface. A genuine mould-made paper.
  2. Hahnemühle Photo Rag. 100% Cotton. Fine, soft surface. 308 g/m²: For all kinds of images and for high pictorial depth. White and matte.
  3. Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl. Silk gloss surface. 285 g/m²: For outstanding depth with precise contrasts in black-and-white photographs. Bright white with a special coating for a refined pearl finish.
  4. Hahnemühle Torchon with a coarse surface. 285 g/m²: For extravagant photo production and to capture the 3-dimensionality of an artwork in a unique way. Bright white with a matte finish.
  5. Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta. Glossy surface and classic baryta texture. 325 g/m²: Impressive color depth and crystal-clear definition. Warm, bright white with a glossy finish.


hahnemühle photo rag
hahnemühle fine art pearl

The Technology: 10 Colour Channels gives lasting vibrancy, a wider gamut and tonal range.

Our printing process uses state of the art pigmented printers running on archival inks which can last up to 70 years. The 10 different colour channels gives a wider range of colours,  more vibrancy and a greater range of tones. This printing process is far superior to 4 or 6 channel printing. On our glossy papers a photo black ink is used which reproduces the black tones accurately. For our Fine Art papers, a matte black ink is used which complements the deep blacks present in artworks. This will ensure your print is a reproduction of your original image.



Prints available with white border if required

All our prints are available to be purchased with a white border if necessary. This contrast with the image invariably draws the viewers attention to your image which is given a more refined look. Please select the border required when designing your print.

hahnemuhle fine art baryta