Glass quality at strand framing | Strand Framing 2023

Strand Framing Glass comparison 2023
Premium Glass As Standard
We have now upgraded all our standard size 2mm floatglass to an extra clear (water white) low iron 2mm floatglass. This eliminates a slight green cast that is visible as a result of the iron content in the glass. The light transmission properties of the glass are improved from 88% to 93% giving a clearer and non colour biased view of the artwork.
All our standard size glass no also come with polished edges. Polished edge glass prevents minor injuries when assembling frames and the edge of the glass are less prone to breakages. This means our customers are receiving a superior product.

 Extra clear low iron glass
Low iron content glass. Very clear Higher iron content glass visible

High iron glass on left 

Strand glass on the right.


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