1515 Solid Wood Picture Frame

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1515 Solid Wood Frame

At Strand, we have been making gallery quality frames for over 30 years. We source the best components from around the globe to manufacture gallery quality picture frame products. 

Our 1515 profile is very popular for smaller frame products. This is a 15mm wide solid wood grain frame that blends economy with quality. 

  • Gallery Quality Solid Wood Frame
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Available in a range of glazing's
  • Each Frame is hand finished
  • 15mm Wide, 15mm Deep
  • Integrated Hanging System

1515 Off White (Limed)

1515 Black

1515 White

1515 Plain Ash

1515 Features and Options

Range Of Colours

Colours available include White, Off White (Limed), Black, Plain Ash

Range Of Glazings

Plastic glazing's allow worry free shipping as they are shatterproof. We stock 1mm Styrene, 1.5mm Styrene & 2mm Acrylic

Water Based Paint

Water based paint is much more ecologically friendly then solvent based paint due to less toxic substances used.

Toxic Substance Controlled Act

All our MDF backs in our frames are TSCA certified which adheres to US export laws.

Integrated Hanging System

Integrated hanging systems allow easy hanging of frames in portait or landscape orientaion

Hand Finished

Every frame is inspected and hand finished by a picture frame professional to ensure the highest quality product

White Core Acid Free Mounts

Available to purchase with our white core acid free mounts to suit your exact image size in a number of standard image sizes

Easy Assembly

Flexipoints mean framing up your prints is a hassle free process

Please ensure you have read through our how to guides for measuring picture frames.

To make ordering as simple as possible we ask you for the image/picture size. Please use a measuring tape or ruler when measuring this as to be as precise as possible.. Using a measuring tape or ruler, find the height and width of the picture you would like to frame.

If you would like to put the picture straight into a frame then the size of your image will be your exact frame size as frames are measured by the size of the piece of glass/back that goes into them.

Generally customers would order picture mounts with their frames which give their artwork a nice clean finish. Ordering picture mounts means your frame size will be larger then your image size so just ensure you order mounts to suit your image size as well as having the frame size the same as your frame.