Ikea Picture Frame Range Sizes

Ikea are renowned worldwide for their great range of picture frames which are made of papered MDF. Finding the sizes available in the ikea photo frame ranges though can be quite difficult online. For that reason we have put together a quick measurements table showing you the frame sizes available in the fantastic RIBBA range. Please consult the table below for measurement information of Ikea picture and photo frame sizes. You can can also access Strand Framing's equivalent products on the table also.

Ikea Frame Size (mm)Mount Opening (mm)
Ikea Price (Including VAT)
Deep Rib 2044 Price
Buy Deep Rib 2044 
Shallow Rib 2032 Price
Buy Shallow Rib 2032 
150 x 100120 x 80€2.50€5.09 ex vat
€3.32 ex vat
180 x 130140 x 90€2.75€5.88 ex vat

230 x 230120 x 120€5€6.50 ex vatBuy Now
€5.20 ex vatBuy Now
240 x 180170 x 120€3.50€7.30 ex vat
€5 ex vat
400 x 300290 x 200€7€12.44ex vat
€10.64 ex vat
500 x 400390 x 290€8€16.94 ex vat

500 x 500290 x 290€12€18.82.ex vat

700 x 500490 x 390€16€23.43 .ex vat

910 x 610660 x 360mm€18€31.94 .ex vat

We manufacture Ikea equivalent products and supply to wholesale customers in Ireland.

Ikea Picture Frame Range Sizes

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