Packaging 2023

 Here at strand we are constantly trying to improve our products and one area we decided we needed to improve on was our boxing. We were storing a huge number of different boxes which many of them has to be manually cut down to size at packaging stage so there was lost time as we well as 100 metres squared of warehouse space being filled with pallets of different box SKU's. The solution was to find a machine that would quickly make boxes of different size.


The article below was taken from the GTS website where the machine was purchased from.

Strand Framing Ltd from Co. Cork Ireland are a picture frame product manufacturer.  Strand were having a number of issues with regards to packaging. The first was having to store a huge number of box variants to account for the large range of picture frame sizes and types available.  Strand could still not store all the box variants they needed due to space restrictions and huge time was being wasted adapting existing box types manually. The second problem they were having was creating packaging for customers to ship out individual frames to their customers. Customers wanted protective packaging to safely store and handle single picture frame products in store and strand needed to find a way to quickly solve these problems. 

Strand approached GTS with the requirements of simple set machine that could make complex shipping boxes for storing multiple frames in and also for individual frames. After a hands on demonstration, Strand were impressed with the speed and versatility the Boxstar manufactured by A0pack offered. Strand have had the machine in production now for a number of weeks and are beginning to make all box types and variants they need on a daily basis.

This has allowed to Strand to quickly make every type and size of box they require for their large collection of products as well as reducing down the warehousing space dramatically required for storing a large number of box styles and types as they can all be manufactured in house now extremely quickly using the intuitive software on the Boxstar machine. Large runs of boxes are easily completed.

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