Stand Framing Components 2023

We work hard at suppling our customers with the best quality and economically priced components for our picture frames. Please view our components review for 2022.


We hand polish & finish every single frame that leaves our factory.  This sets the strand framing standard. Every joint being hand finished which ensures your product looks perfect.


All our standard sized glass have arrised edges and are all white washed. This means your glass is of a premium quality as well as making the handling of the glass during assembly super safe. We have upgraded all our glass from early 2020 to an extra clear (water white) low iron glass, this eliminates a slight green cast that is occasionally visible as a result of the iron content. Also the light transmission properties of this glass are improved from 88% light transmission to 93% transmission giving a clearer and non colour biased view of the artwork

Strand Framing arrissed edge or polished edge glass as standard
Arrissed edge glass


All our mountboards are white core .  Strand Framing offers a diverse range of white core mounts. These boards feature a pure white core and offer a clean, crisp, bevel cut. Each board is lignin-free, alkaline-sized, pH neutral and is calcium carbonate buffered to enhance its useful lifespan by minimising the effect of atmospheric pollutants

Strand Framing arrissed edge or polished edge glass as standard

MDF back - T.S.C.A Compliant

We are the only frame manufacturer in Ireland who use all T.S.C.A. (Toxic substance control act) compliant MDF backing. Many of customers export to the United States and new laws are now being enforced for imported products. This is to stop some toxic chemical being used in the production of the MDF. We now use this backing on all our frames

Other frame manufacturers can use Kraft board instead of MDF - MDF is superior due to it being a much better moisture barrier which will prevent moisture migration into your frames.

TSCA Toxic substance control act


All our hangers are hinged. We have always used hinged hangers which are vastly superior to unhinged hangers which can tend to break after a couple of uses. On top of this we are the only manufacturer in Ireland to have a "large hanger " which is a premium hanger used for larger pieces and is rated in excess of 20KG

Medium Hanger Strand Framing
Large Hanger Strand Framing


We custom manfacture all our own packaging. This means we are able to manufacturer boxes that fit our frames perfectly and allow us to ship frames well protected by multiple boxes. 

Medium Hanger Strand Framing

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