A Guide To Ordering Canvas Floater Frames

Ordering a bespoke canvas floater frame for one of your original artworks stretched on canvas can be a costly experience for artists. For this reason we have created our range of canvas floater frames which are an ideal solution for framing canvas pieces quickly and cost effectively from a wholesale factory outlet. The most important thing to do when ordering a frame to fit your canvas piece is to accurately measure the length, width and depth of the stretched canvas as shown the in photos. It's important to be very precise here and not to round up or round down. The depth is extremely important as this will determine which frame profile you will require

Once you have your length, width and depth you are ready to order your frame. Navigate to the Canvas Floater Frame Page. On the left of the screen there is a to fit canvas size filter section. Select your canvas size. Please note you can scroll down to see metric sizes if you canvas is measured in metric.

For Example - the frame measured in the image is 254 x 203 x 18mm.. This is a standard edge canvas which is 10 x 8inch so as seen below in the short videos you select the correct size and the correct depth range and the available products will be displayed.


10mm vs 20mm wide canvas floater frame.

Please note we are now have our canvas floater frames available in a 10mm wide visible frame profile instead of the standard 20mm. Our new range of frames are known as our Canvas Floater L Frames. All our canvas floater frames will be available to purchase in any size as everything is custom manufactured in our factory.

Standard Canvas Floater Frame Profiles - 20mm Wide Frame 

2032 Limed Canvas Float

  • Slim Canvas Float Profile
  •  32mm Deep Outer Edge. 24mm Depth from the mounting area to the face
  • Designed for Slim or 20mm Stretched Canvas


2044 Limed Canvas Float

  • Slim Canvas Float Profile
  • 44mm Deep Outer Edge. 35mm Depth from the mounting area to the face
  • Designed for Slim(20mm) up to 30mm Stretched Canvas


2055 Limed Canvas Float

  • Deep Canvas Float Profile
  • 55mm Deep Outer Edge. 48mm Depth from the mounting area to the face
  • Designed for Deep or 40mm Stretched Canvas


3348 Limed Canvas Float

  • Deep Canvas Float Profile
  •  49mm Deep Outer Edge. 40mm Depth from the mounting area to the face
  • Designed for Medium (30mm) to Deep (38mm) Stretched canvas


L Shaped Canvas Floater Frame Profiles - 10mm Wide Frame 

These Frames are a ready made solution for framing  the following
1. Canvas Floater Frames. This is a solution for artists looking to display their canvas artwork in a beautiful hand finished wood frame. Each frame will come complete with with a cotton white backing board which has fixed/ glued to an MDF backing board.This will ensure strength and rigidity of the standard finish product. Please select our protective film finishing option to further protect the backing board.

2 Tray / Box Frame for framing 3D objects such as ceramics, metalworks, stoneworks & any other 3D object. Artists can mount their three dimensional artwork with/without or on to the glass. Please select the correct finishing option. Once you receive the frame the only thing you must do is use an appropriate adhesive and fix your piece to the glass. Note: Glass Options comes complete with glass to mount piece to and cotton white backing board which acts as a mounting background.