Want to frame your canvas?

We have just launched a range of standard and deep edge high quality artist grade stretched canvas that are pre fitted to a beautiful solid wood frame


Canvas Sizes Available

Standard Edge Canvas | 5mm Shadow Gap

Our 3232 Profile is a beautiful solid wood frame with a 10mm visible frame face. Suitable for framing standard edge canvas. There is a 5mm shadow gap between the edge of the frame and the edge of the stretched canvas giving this modern feel.

Canvas Size (inches)Price From (€)Product Link
8 x 810.22Buy
10 x 811.09Buy
12 x 1013.27Buy
12 x 1214.18Buy
14 x 1014.18Buy
16 x 1216.07Buy
20 x 1620.96Buy
24 x 2026.94Buy
30 x 2433.70Buy

Deep Edge Canvas | 15mm Shadow Gap

Our 4052L Profile is a gallery quality solid wood frame. Suitable for framing deep edge canvas. There is a 15mm shadow gap between the edge of the frame & the edge of the stretched canvas. This allows the sides of the deep edge canvas to be visible. 

Canvas Size (inches)Price From (€)Product Link
8 x 817.30Buy
10 x 818.74Buy
12 x 1223.31Buy
14 x 1023.27Buy
16 x 822.87Buy
16 x 1226.20Buy
20 x 1633Buy
20 x 2036.38Buy
24 x 2444.97Buy
30 x 2450.83Buy

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Custom Framing Of Stretched Canvas Made Easy

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Gallery Quality Solid Wood Frames

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Artist Grade 380gsm stretched canvas

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Made in Ireland

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Framed Canvas with our 3232L and 4052L Canvas Float Profiles

  • Factory prices on Irish manufactured frames
  • High Quality 380gsm artist grade stretched canvas.
  • Gallery quality solid wood frame with 10mm visible face
  • Stretched canvas pre fitted to the frame
  • Just take of canvas to paint and then refit
  • Hanging system included

Assembling your framed canvas is super easy - just watch the following 1 minute video

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