Framing Canvas 

We have been framing canvases for over 30 years. There is a number of different ways that canvas can be framed and luckily we offer a range of cost effective solutions once you know your canvas size and canvas depth.

Framing stretched canvas

The first step is deciding on your style of framing. At strand we offer a large range of framing options for original art on stretched canvas for both standard, deep edge canvas & canvas boards.

2032 Canvas floater frame off white - 20mm wide frame

3232L Canvas floater frame black - 20mm wide frame

5430 Canvas Floater Frame - 10mm wide frame for deep  canvas

3349 Canvas Floater Frame - 33mm wide frame

2032 + 1515 Artist Double Frame for canvas pieces

2044 + 2525 Artist Double Frame

218 Limed on 2 in Scoop - Combi Frame

7047 White Frame Rim .

Canvas Floater Frame

Our Canvas floater frames come in 2 different options. Our standard 20mm wide frame or our 10mm wide frame. Both frames would come with a hanging system, Please see the image for both options with same 10 x 8in canvas.  For a complete guide on ordering canvas floater frames its best to read our specific help page - A guide on how to order canvas floater frames.

7047 Range

Our 7047 range is a beautiful solid wood frame which is 70mm wide. This makes is a very strong frame which is ideally suited to framing canvas boards or stretched canvas.  The product comes as frame rim so it is important you have measured your canvas exactly. Generally when you purchase a canvas there will be some information on the size but its best remeasure the canvas as some canvas brands can warp over time which means they may not fit into a frame for that size! For fitting instructions it is best to see our video -  How to fit my canvas into canvas floater frames?

Artist Double Frame 

Our range of artist frames is extensive. We combine two gallery quality solid wood frames with our Blanco off white backing and produce an amazing product suitable for framing both standard and deep edge canvas as well as canvas boards. 

ProductBest Suited to frame
2032 Canvas Floater + 1515Canvas Panel
2044 Canvas Floater + 1525Canvas panels & standard edge canvas
2044 + 2525 ChamferedCanvas Panels, standard & deep edge canvas

Combi Frame

Our combi frames combine multiple solid wood profiles which draw the eye in to the artwork  The combinations of combi frames is endless so please get in touch with us on

Original Art on Canvas Boards