Strand Framing Components & Sustainability 2022


All our wood frame profiles are sourced from one of the most technologically advanced picture moulding factories in Italy. They have recently switched to all water based paints. Water based paint is much more ecologically friendly then solvent based paint due to less toxic substances used.

We can also offer FSC certified wood for volume users - please contact us for more details on this.


We source a large quantity of our mountboard from swedish manufacturer Munken who use certified Pulp for manufacture. 
Munken Statement 
Our mills are FSC® and PEFC™ certified and all standard products in the Amber, Arctic, G, Munken and Pamo and L-Print ranges are available as FSC and PEFC certified. We use pulp from certified forests (e.g. FSC and PEFC) and controlled woods to produce our products. Our mills are continuously working to establish increased deliveries of FSC and PEFC pulp, but availability is limited.
Mountboard Backing Boards
Uniboard one of our main suppliers for backing boards are both FSC® and PEFC® certified as well as Members of REPAK Ireland.
All our standard sized frames now come with polished edge glass which prevents minor injuries when assembling frames and the edges of the polished glass are less prone to breakage. 
We have upgraded all our glass from early 2020 to an extra clear (water white) low iron glass, this will eliminate a slight green cast that is occasionally visible as a result of the iron content. Also the light transmission properties of this glass are improved from 88% light transmission to 93% transmission giving a clearer and non colour biased view of the artwork. We have been testing this glass during the year and are very pleased with the upgrade. 
TSCA Certified MDF Backing Board
All our backing board is now TSCA Certified Backing Board - TSCA (Toxic substance control act). Many customers export to the United States and new laws are now being enforced for imported products. This is to stop some toxic chemical being used in the production of the MDF.
Plastic Glazing
Our plastic glazing alternatives are a fantastic solution for shipping larger pieces as well as lowering postal costs. They are lightweight and shatterproof. We sell two types of plastic glazing.
Acrylic- Shatter-resistant acrylic sheets, protected on both sides with a peel-off polythene film. Acrylic is also sold under various other names including Perspex. Our 2mm cast acrylic is manufactured from virgin materials and has high transparency and excellent scratch resistance. Longevity outdoors before coloring is 25 years. This is used extensively by gallery customers or in high end products. Significantly more expensive then glass.
Polystyrene -  shatter resistant plastic sheets also protected on both sides with a peel-off polythene film. Polystyrene is sold under various other names including Perspex but its important to note the longevity outdoors before coloring becomes apparent on the sheet is 5 years. This is used for photo frames and other projects where longevity over 10 years + indoors is not required. Slightly more expensive then glass.
Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated, made from a natural renewable resource, has a great environmental record. Corrugated cardboard has the best recycling rate of any packaging material used today. Please see information from our corrugated boxes supplier below

  • FSC approved Sources

    We source our material from FSC recognised suppliers in Ireland. Our material is made up of 87% recycled fibre.

  • 100% Recyclable

    The boxes we manufacture for you are fully recyclable. Our boxes are low cost for both you and the environment.

  1. Corrugated Board - all corrugated board/ cardboard is shredded down to a lattice packaging material and reused to ensure products arrive in mint condition to the customer
  2. Frame Profile Waste - All solid wood waste is recycled  to wood burning pellets by a high tech Votex machine.
  3. Pallets and Crates -   are also run through Votex machine which greatly minimises the amount of waste entering landfill.