2055 - 8324 Artist Frame

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Our new 2055 - 8324 is beautifully constructed solid wood double frame. This frame is primarily used for framing original works of art. This is achieved by combining our 2055 moulding with a solid wood inner fillet and solid wood border. The finished product is absolutely stunning showcasing solid wood grain framing.

Available in white and off white.

This product is manufactured in our factory so any size required can be made. 

Guide for fitting Original artwork on canvas or reproduction prints

  • Canvas
    • Canvas Board - use framers points gun - just place board in place and pin
    • Standard edge stretcher - use 3.2mm canvas offset clips - just screw 2 or 4 offset clips into place
    • Deep edge stretcher - use 20mm Canvas offset clips  - just screw 2 or 4 offset clips into place