P4 Solid Wood Range- Image Size 12" x 8" - Frame Size 16" x 12" - Pack of 6 Frames

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This picture frame is manufactured using a high quality wooden profile which is approximately 20mm wide by 32mm deep. This profile is available in a range of colours, Black & Limed. The frame comes supplied with traditional glazing. The P4 mount is a high end photographic mount which incorporates four layers of mountboard to give a sense of perspective and depth to your image

All sizes can be hung on the wall in either landscape or portrait. All sizes up to and including A4 come supplied with stand backs and wall hanging brackets. So you can stand your picture up on a desk, or hang them on the wall. All sizes larger than A4 come supplied with wall hanging brackets only as they are just too large to stand freely on a table top or desk.

It is very easy to fit your artwork into this frame, you simply remove the spring clips and backing board, insert your artwork and then put the backing board and spring clips back in place. No tools are required and all the hanging fixtures are already attached.


High Quality Wood

Frame Wood Style

Finish Colours available - Black, Limed,

Can Be Hung Landscape or Portrait Supplied with Flexipoints for Easy Change of Artwork

Glazing included