Standard Edge Canvas Print - Rectangular - Pack of 6 Canvas Prints

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At Strand, our HD Fine art reproduction canvas prints on standard edge canvas are manufactured using a solid wood stretcher frame that is 18mm in height and 40mm in width. The HD premium canvas print is guaranteed to last up to 100 years indoors. The print has fantastic scuff and abrasion resistance. Your canvas will be stretched to be drum tight.

Please note order is for a pack of 6 canvas prints. However you can upload up to 6 images for each pack which will allow customers to access volume discounts for relatively low production runs.

Image Wrap Options

Please note that your image wrap option is an important consideration when ordering canvas prints


Canvas Image Wrap Explanation
Mirror wrap
The image edge is mirrored on the sides. Works fantastic for abstract art and landscape images and means you do not lose any of the image around the sides of the canvas
Gallery Wrap The image is printed around the edges. User uploading image must consider that you will lose over 1inch of the edge of your image all around on standard edge canvas and close to 2 inches of the image all around the side on deep edge canvas.
White Wrap White edge wrap well known. Black edge or any other coloured edge wrap can be done.

Image wrap options