Tory 3D Box Photo Frame

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Introduction our new Tory range of 3D box photo frames. Available in a range of sizes. A budget box frame ideal for showcasing craft products in a box frame format and also perfect for displaying photo prints.

  • Frame construction - beautiful domed acrylic frame construction is durable and robust
  • Frame Dimensions - 9mm wide frame & 31mm deep
  • Boxed Individually - each frame is boxes individually ensuring maximum protection
  • 2mm float glass - 2mm floatglass provides a premium finish with a pristine shine
  • 2mm MDF back - MDF backing board 
  • Turn Button - easy to use turn buttons for securing board into place
  • Wall hanging - Can be hung in on the wall in portrait or landscape format
  • 16mm acrylic spacer - creates recess/space for 3D objects to be inserted