How To Mount Your Landscape Photo in 30 Seconds

You got the perfect shot. You print it. Now what? Mounting prints can be time consuming and quite difficult to the inexperienced. At Strand Framing we print and mount thousands of prints every year. This is our guide to mounting any print in less then 30 seconds. Remember, time is your most valuable commodity, so here is your guide to saving some.

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 Your Print    A Picture or Photo Mount
 Self Adhesive Easifix Board   A Cloth


Deciding what material to use when mounting your prints can also be quite a tough task. The options range from standard card backing, Foamboard, Brown Kraft board to Self-Adhesive board. In terms of difficulty and time, we have found that using Self Adhesive board is your best option. Self-Adhesive board is simply a board which has a wrapper which can be peeled back to expose an adhesive on one side of the board. This makes the process a lot easier and faster than using heat activated adhesives and is the process we use regularly to mount prints in less than 30 seconds.

The key to this process is what is known as a score cut. This can be done by a select few computer cutting machines. Essentially, the blade will slightly score the board for a specific print size. This allows the scored wrapper to be peeled back and the print stuck down in an exact position to fit a photo mount.

The rest of the adhesive can then be peeled back and the mount is then just stuck on top. Please read below for a quick instruction guide. For the most in depth information. Please watch the video.

        Self Adhesive Board

      Self Adhesive Board - removing wrapper

Self Adhesive Board - removing wrapper 2

  1. Pre Cut Easifix Self Adhesive Board with a score cut for 10" x 8"     2. Peel back the score cut wrapper about one inch      3.Fix the first two corners of the print.
     Then, slowly peel back wrapper and               using a cloth put pressure on the print from center to edge 

Mounting Image on Self Adhesive Backing Board

Mounting Image- Removing Wrapper

Mounted Print Complete

4. Print has now been positioned exactly in line with the score cut  5. Next step is to peel back the remainder of the wrapper  6. Finally, stick your photo or picture mount to the exposed adhesive.


It is important to remember that this process  is not considered conservation framing. Conservation framing is where all the elements used are archival quality and acid free. This includes the mount, tapes and adhesives. Over long periods of time (usually well over a decade), contaminants can be exposed to the print and damage it.

Easifix Self Adhesive Board is available from a number of suppliers throughout the UK. 

If you would like us here at Strand Framing to Blog any other specific tutorials. Please contact us and let us know.

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